A simple definition of acid rain is “rainfall made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution that it causes environmental harm, typically to forests and lakes. The main cause is the industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, the waste gases from which contain sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which combine with atmospheric water to form acids.”

Like actual acid rain, Acid.raindrops is a product of an unbalanced society, and it does damage. But in this case, it is good damage. Rather than noxious chemicals and waste, this cloud consists of fresh perspective, good vibrations, and mind-expanding material. Acid.raindrops was founded upon the desire to help break apart closed minds and heal unhealthy habits.

The power of acid rain comes not from the effect of one drop, but from the fact that there are many drops. Finding one piece of useful knowledge is great, but finding many pieces is where the knowledge becomes powerful. One person with many drops of knowledge is great, but when many people have many drops, we have the power to change the weather.